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Jack Tworkov: Accident of Choice now available

Published on the occasion of the historic exhibition "Jack Tworkov: Accident of Choice, The Artist at Black Mountain College 1952" at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, June 17-September 17, 2011, this fully illustrated catalogue features a survey of paintings and drawings by Abstract Expressionist Jack Tworkov ranging from 1945-1952 including the " House of the Sun" paintings, one of the artists most celebrated series.

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Writings of Twrkv published by Yale University Press

Yale University Press publishes writings of Jack Tworkov. Edited by Mira Schor, this book, the first collection of Tworkov’s writings, sheds new light on the lives and studio practices of Tworkov and his colleagues as well as on Tworkov’s artistic theories and values. Jack Tworkov (1900--1982) was a significant figure of the Abstract Expressionist period. A noted painter, he was instrumental in defining the ideals of the New York School, along with Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt, and Franz Kline, among others.

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